The Business Man

business man

Terrible things happen to those who walk around at night.


The small businessman backs up, instantly being cornered by the group of thugs that were following him for the last several blocks. He did not see any of the weapons they now brandish out in the open, so he did not think anything of the group at first. But as the last light starts to leave the sky, the man tries to think of how to get away from them.

“H-hello boys . . . w-hat are you doing?”

“Hey old man,” One comes up, grinning widely. “We’re with, what you’d call, a donation center. We’re running around town, finding nice folks like yourself to donate to our little charity.”

“S-sounds nice.” The man tries to back up further but hits the brick wall behind him. “S-sorry, though, I-I don’t have any m-money to give.”

“You sure about that?”

The other thugs snicker, some spinning their bats or flipping open their knives. The man’s body shakes. Fear crawls up and down his spine.

“W-why don’t w-we talk about this, fellows?”

“We ain’t got time for talkin’,” another thug says. “We has to be on our way soon.”

“That is true,” the first says. “So let’s speed this up.”

One snap of the fingers and the entire group walks forward, weapons at the ready.

“No! Please don’t!” the man yells, shaking. “I don’t want to hurt you!”

The thugs laugh, closing in.

“Oh please!”

“Old man like you? Hurting us?”


They raise their weapons.

“Please don’t!”

“Too late, old man!”


Bats flew down. Knives tore through the air.



The thugs look wide-eyed down at the shadows that had shot from the man only seconds before. The man was still shaking.

“I-I told you, boys.”

Shadows sliver out of their bodies.

“I-I tried to warn you.”

One of the shadows grab the man’s hat, while another grab his suitcase. Other shadows whip around him. The man grabs his hat and suitcase.

“I-I tried. But you didn’t listen.”

The shadows form a bridge above the thugs. The man walks to the other side. He does not turn back to see the thugs. He knows what will happen to them if it has not already.

“I warned them.”

The shadows recede into the man’s own shadow before he walks out onto the street.

The small business man walks forward, thinking of what his wife may have made for dinner.


© E.N. Chaffin 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction without author permission is against the copyright laws of the United States of America.


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