Update! Stories, Giveaway and More!

Hello y’all!

I would like to thank every one of you who are following this website, my twitter, youtube, and facebook. Thank you for giving me even a little bit of your precious time.

So! On to the updates!

From working full time at nights, writing my next book in six months, and wanting to put more content on here and youtube, I seem to have put too much on my plate. Just a little.

So in order to do all that I want – and everything I need – to do, I have to organize and reorder my life! (And that is SO much harder than I thought it would be.)

And here’s what’ll be coming:

  1. I will continue writing short stories for this website, but will post them every two weeks. (But that means I’ll have one next week!) I want to give you great content on this site and think that two weeks gives me enough time to go from brainstorming and writing to completely editing a story.
  2. I will have new writing videos on my youtube channel every week. This includes my miniseries “My 6 Month Novel” with the fourth episode coming out today!
  3. I’ll be updating the site in a few weeks and giving it a total make over. So if it looks different in October. . . you’ll know why. (And, no, it won’t be spooky-themed. This time.)
  4. My debut novel, Loading: Life, will be getting a special edition cover. For those of you who have not checked it out, you can check out the first three chapters here. It’ll be back on sale on October 1st!
  5. A GIVEAWAY IS GOING TO HAPPEN! Yep. Since I’m relaunching Loading: Life, I am going to do it with a giveaway! And not just for a physical book. Oh no, no, no. Something special will be given to the grand prize winner. So watch out for that email!

And that’s it! See y’all next week!

If you want to keep updated with all my activities, you can follow my twitter or facebook (or both)!

One thought on “Update! Stories, Giveaway and More!

  1. Hey! I found your giveaway, Super exciting! Part of the giveaway asked to read some of your short stories, which I did, and I have to say I enjoyed them a lot! I love the sense of humor and the narration is very fun to follow. Keep up the excellent work!


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