Parents’ and Guardians’ Guide to Anime, Manga & Cosplay

What do you do if you’re a parent who has a nerd for a child, but know nothing about anime? You research. Thankfully, though, I’ve made it easier by compiling everything you need to know about anime, manga, cosplay, and other topics into one book. Now you can learn more about why your child love these weird shows without braking the bank or wasting time on Google search.

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Loading Life

When a no-powers thug and a straight-A student get caught in between a drug-dealing gang and an evil corporation kidnapping teenagers, anything can happen. Especially when their teacher starts harping on them to finish their history project.

Loading Life on sale now.

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Writing Project 2018: Finding Wonder

Emma only had two choices. Summer camp or spending time with her mother. She chose the latter, but is seriously regretting it. Especially since she’s now stuck in a topsy-turvy world where everyone is as mad as a hatter.

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About the Author

E.N. Chaffin was born and raised on country cooking and Japanese anime. Tired of the normal and mundane, she decided to take a leap of faith and write her first full-length novel. Ever since then, she’s been riding the roller coaster of a self-published author trying to achieve her dreams and accomplish her goals.

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