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Will the hunters find him before she does?

When a vampire attacks Azana in her own home, she’s certain death is the only outcome–until the legendary Wyraj hunter, Lavanya, saves her. With Lavanya’s help, Azana begins to piece her life back together, but she soon uncovers dark family secrets. A runaway named Talos has the answers she seeks. Tracking him down is a risk she must take for the truth.

As if life hasn’t become complicated enough, she discovers her best friend Marc is keeping his own secrets, mingling with mercenaries who have Talos on their radar. Will Azana be able to save Talos without hurting Marc? Or will she be the next target?

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Pryde, Book One in the Sin Series

Will she be devoured by the shadows?

When her foolish actions lead to her brother’s death, Kai vows to become a great hunter to restore her honor. But her beloved guardian, Lavanya, pushes her dreams to the side, claiming it is too dangerous for her. The cursed binding mark on Kai’s wrist might break.

In order to prove herself, Kai sneaks on one of Lavanya’s missions. She saves Lavanya from a bloodthirsty vampire, but at a cost. The vampire she attacks is none other than Sadiq, one of the most cunning and cruelest vampires imaginable.

Kai and Lavanya now have to defend themselves as Sadiq hunts them down. However, there’s something Lavanya isn’t telling Kai about Sadiq.

Kai isn’t telling the whole truth, either, and her binding mark is cracking. The beast inside is breaking loose.

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What’s to Come

Avarice, Book Two in the Sin Series (sequel to Pryde).

Two mystery projects.

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Life is no Game.

Everyone in Devi Omega has a special ability. Everyone except Hero Leander, the official troublemaker of Class 1B. His life couldn’t get any worse until he is forced to be project partners with Annie Mei Fields. She is not only a straight-A student and the top Charisma-user of the school, but she is determined to make him do his part of the work.

As they hit the books, though, they soon discover that an evil corporation is kidnapping teens in order to cure a deadly disease. Hero thinks the two shouldn’t get involved. That is until his only friend is also taken.

Hero and Annie Mei put their lives on the line in order to save their world. But with gang attacks, drug deals, twisted corporate goons, and a teacher that won’t get off their case, these two unlikely fighters have little time to think about their next step. Can they save the world and still get a passing grade?

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Dear Parents,

“What is anime?”
“Should I keep my child away from it?”

If you have a child who loves anime, this guide is for you. You will not only understand what anime is, but also why your child loves it so much.

Together we will explore topics such as:

  • the facts about anime, manga, and cosplay,
  • the history of anime and manga,
  • the culture of Japan, home of anime,
  • the anime community and industry,
  • how to get involved with your child,
  • and so much more!

The best part about this guide is that you will get both an anime fan and a parental point of view.

This is truly a guide for parents and guardians who want to understand their children even more than they do now. And who knows. You might just become a fan yourself!

If you’d like to check out the art contest I held when I first published this book, look here:

Winners of the Anime Art Contest are here.

Here are a few blogs/videos that I’ve done covering the topics you’ll find in the book:

Why parents should learn about anime.

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Being a Christian can be tough. Being an otaku can be tough. But being both at once?

Sometimes it seems easier to become Hokage rather than explaining your faith and passions to others. That is why we otaku have united in this devotional: To encourage otaku like you spiritually and through a medium we all cherish.

In this devotional, you will find God in the animes you know and love. Each devotional presents spiritual lessons found in animes ranging from the world-famous Attack on Titan to fan-favorite Haikyu!! to beloved classics like Cowboy Bebop. Each piece will feature a different theme such as:

  • Human Will vs. The Holy Spirit in Yona of the Dawn
  • Choosing to be Free in Free! Swim Club
  • Not by My Might in My Hero Academia

…and many others! We believe that God can be seen throughout His creation—even in places where people might not intend! So pull out your cosplay and snuggle close with your plushies as you join us in Finding God in Anime.

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Have you ever wanted a season two of your favorite anime but found out it is unlikely for the company to produce one?

Stinks, doesn’t it? Well, Finding God in Anime definitely isn’t like that. After all, you’re looking at volume two right now!

Welcome to the second installment of the acclaimed devotional: Finding God in Anime! Each bite-size piece comes straight from the passionate otaku souls in our collective of Christian authors. You will find anime-inspired pieces from across tons of beloved genres within this devotional, and each one presents a unique and Biblical outlook on your favorite shows!

  • Find God’s fatherly love in Daddy’s Girl, inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Go down to your atoms to discover God’s purpose for us in Jobs, inspired by Cells at Work
  • Huddle up to hear God’s game plan for living like Him in Get Your Head in the Game, inspired by Kuroko’s Basketball

…and so many others! So grab your shuriken or computerized make-up compact and join us on the exciting adventure of finding God’s teachings in anime!

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When you don’t have much time to read.

I have written some shorts stories that either stand alone or go along with my books. You can read them for free here on my blog. I hope you enjoy them!