E.N. Chaffin is an American author, born and raised on country cooking and Japanese anime. Aside from drowning herself in let’s play videos and sewing cosplay, she also enjoys saving mythical worlds on her outdated gaming systems.

Being drained of the love for teaching theatre, Chaffin has rekindled her dream of becoming a bestselling author. She intends to use her passions and hobbies to write stories that will upset the YA fiction world and change it for the weirder.

Along the way, though, she has discovered that she still has a passion for teaching others. She is determined to take what she is learning in life and spread it to anyone who will listen. Not for world domination, of course. Just for the sake of spreading knowledge.

In the meantime, she usually wraps herself up in a cozy blanket and writes in a small bedroom in her family’s house in Northwest Arkansas with her three dogs, Kahn, Scooter, and Annie Leonhart.


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