This is a special page where you can find all the writing materials I have created or found and used while developing my novels. Also, check out my YouTube channel for more information on each document!

(Links with a ♠ in front of it denotes my own videos from my YouTube channel. The ones without are other writers’ or editors’ materials I have found to be helpful to my writing process.)


I hope this will help you in your editing time! Read it here.


Hunt Down Your Target Audience! – The most important part about marketing is figuring out who you’re marketing to. So why not personify said target audience? Check out this TA worksheet: Target Audience


Starting your own Magic System – Even though there are only eight questions in this document, I believe that it’ll help any author start a completely new magic system within their fantasy novel. Document Video


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


How to Write Short Stories – I take you step by step on my process of writing short stories. I hope this helps you start writing more of your own!

Tales of Wonderland: Writing Techniques for Fight Scenes – I found this article that talks about writing convincing fighting scenes. It goes over the three aspects of what to write, how to describe it, and how to write it. At the beginning and end of the article, they link their first and second parts of this fighting series. These two parts include advancing your story with fight scenes and creating the overall fight scene. Hope you all enjoy it!


NaNoWriMo: Wrimo Companion App – This app helps you keep up with your word count each day of the NaNoWriMo challenge. Check it out in the app store on your cell or tablet. And check out my short video tutorial to get you started!


E.N. Chaffin – Let me help you learn from my mistakes and triumphs straight from me.

Kim Chance – If traditional publishing is something you want to try out, listen to what this wonderful woman has to say. She has worked for a decade writing her first novel Keeper, finding a literary agent and a publisher, and is now published!

Vivien Reis – She’s something special. This woman worked for two years bringing her first novel The Elysian Prophecy to light. She is also well versed in the self-publishing world.


Better Novel Project – Christine has deconstructed three of the best-selling novels in order to find out what it takes to get your story to the next level. She even has a master outline!

NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month is a yearly challenge writers of all types and ages try to complete. It starts with writing a story of 50,000 words (or more) in the month of November. Anyone who completes the challenge is an official winner! Want to take the challenge?

Standout Books – From writing my first book blurb to discerning the key steps of marketing my book, this site has helped me a lot with my debut novel. I hope it can help you too.

Write or Die – This is a great way to get motivated to write. Because if you don’t, you die. Well. . . not really. Your eardrums just burst from painful sounds booming through your laptop’s speakers. But why would you as a writer want to subject yourself to that? Because it motivates you to write. (There are different versions for your phone, and a full version you can buy. However, you can just use the ‘Try It’ version for free and for as many times as you want.)