The Story behind Loading Life

Hello, Alligators! I’m so glad you’re here today.   Since you are reading this post, I suppose you have an interest in how I came up with the story of my debut novel Loading Life. And I suppose (with my fangirl side locked tightly away) that I’ll tell you. If you don’t know what Loading … Continue reading The Story behind Loading Life

Finding Wonder, Chapter Six

Chapter Six In which Emma is saved.     “And what are you doing in my forest, little one?” The teeth grinned. Emma squeaked, crawling back on her hands and butt. What even was this place? “This place-” the teeth grinned wider “-is where you’ll meet your end.” The smile opened wide, revealing a large, … Continue reading Finding Wonder, Chapter Six

Finding Wonder Chapter Five

Chapter Five In which Emma runs into trouble.     “You came,” said the voice from the mirror. But as it spoke, the darkness around Emma slowly lifted. The trees and bushes surrounding her radiated a low blue light. Odd. Mirrors, some attached to the trees and others floating around, reflected the little light. Odder. … Continue reading Finding Wonder Chapter Five