1st Quarterly Goals for my novel!

So! I decided to take advice from one of my favorite upcoming authors, Vivien Reis, about writing quarterly goals to help with advancing my novel beyond the idea stage, to the first stage, all the way to the final publication stage. I know I’ll have many goals to hit, in order to make sure my novel is the best it can be for publication. I want to bring the best story I can to the world, and that means working hard at it.

Just like Reis, if I can complete at least 3/4th of these goals, I’ll consider it a success.

Without further ado, here is my list of goals I need to complete before January 1st:

  1. Finish researching for my novel. – Even though I’m writing fiction, I want to make this novel as believable to the reader as possible. My research is almost done, but I still need to collect a bit more information.
  2. Finish my novel outline. – With me, outlines are a must. I have so many ideas for this first book, but I want to make sure the story will flow and I won’t loose track.
  3. Finish my first draft. – this is pretty easy to explain. I can’t have a book without a first draft, right?
  4. Start searching for beta-readers. – in order to make sure my story flows naturally, I need to let others read it. Maybe they’ll catch something I can’t.
  5. Start searching for editors. – Just like with beta-readers, I’m going to need a great editor to catch all the little grammar and spelling mistakes I may not have noticed when writing or reading through myself. (I hate when I see a writing error in a professional publication. Especially one that could have been easily fixed. This point will be the most crucial for me to complete.)
  6. Celebrate my best friend’s birthday! – Yep! That’s right! Who says all my goals have to be serious? I think adding this to my list of goals is a great way to keep me motivated.
  7. Make at least one post per week on my website. – I want to keep you followers up-to-date on my progress. Not only on my book or monthly journals, but also with my daily life. Just in case you’re interested in the life of a first time writer.
  8. Write and publish Nectere Monthly October. – By the time you read this post, October’s edition will probably be out.
  9. Write and publish NM November. – Have to keep updated on my journal! ^_^ It keeps my writing skills fresh!
  10. Write and publish NM December. – See explanation on #7.
  11. Clean my room. Sell off anything I don’t need. – I am notorious for throwing things around my room, getting into stuff, and NOT cleaning up afterwards. (Probably because I’m so busy with writing and watching television. Whoops!) So I’m making sure to keep everything clean in order to focus on my writing when I need to. (Let’s hope I can keep this up!)
  12. Take and post a professional author photo. – This is important for any author. Readers need to see the face behind the pen. I hope to get this done as soon as possible.


So these are my goals. I’ll update my progress on them possibly halfway through the quarter, and definitely at the end of it.

Make sure to check out Vivien Reis’s website! I have learned so much about the tasks ahead of me from her and her blog. http://vivienreis.com/

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