Cover Reveal for Loading: Life

Thanks to a special artist friend of mine, MadCat Studios, my book Loading: Life now has a book cover! Yay!

Now, as you may know, I am self-publishing this first novel of mine. And why is that? For many reasons including being able to make my own decisions on my cover and interior design. Has it been hard to get everything the way I want it? Extremely so. Was it worth it? Yes.

I knew exactly what I wanted for this project: a video game styled cover to go along with the video game-esque story.

You see, my main audience is people who love video games, as well as those who want anime, read manga, and love to cosplay. The illustration I asked MadCat to do brings in the anime, manga, and cosplay elements. (Seriously, what cosplayer doesn’t like school uniforms?) And by designing it to look like a video game, I cater to the game lovers.

It is always scary to do things yourself when you’re just a novice. Especially when others can afford to buy professional services, and you’re left with using your limited resources and researching everything – and messing up everything during the learning process.

But after everything is said and done, I can say that it was well worth it. I now have a cover (and book) I am happy to put my name on and offer the world.

I would like to ask everyone who sees this cover to share it with anyone they know and help me spread the word of my new book Loading: Life, coming in just a few days.


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Cover (c) E.N. Chaffin.

Illustration (c) MadCat Studios.

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