Loading: Life On Sale Now!

cropped-loadinglifecoverIt’s been a long, twisting road to get here. I planned, developed and wrote a full-length book within a year. I have never felt so tired, yet so excited in my entire life!

Telling the entire story, though, will be saved for another day. Right now, I just wanted to thank all the people that have helped me create this book.


I thank my parents for encouraging me every step of the way.

I thank my little niece for praying for me (that I can quit my night job and have the job I want to have.)

I thank my beta reader, C., for working her butt off and giving me the best feedback I could ever ask for on this project. I have never been praised and torn down back to reality at the same time before.

I thank my editor, Leila, for sticking with me through all the errors.

I thank all my future readers for giving my story a chance. Tell me what you think!

And I thank God for not only giving me the idea for the novel, but also giving me everything and everyone I needed in order to make it a reality. (And for life and salvation, of course! ^_^)

Loading: Life is on sale now!

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