Parents should learn about Anime. Period.

Why Parents Should Learn about Anime.jpg

In all honesty, this post isn’t going to be long. The reasons why parents should learn about anime are pretty straightforward. However, not all parents might know about them. With everything that goes along with raising children, anime may be the furthest thing from their minds. But I’m here to say that they still need to learn about it.


Parents usually have way too much on their hands. From getting their children dressed and on the school bus, to working long hours, to making sure their homes are good environments for their children. Some parents have it down to the letter. Others struggle. It’s no doubt that parents work their butts off in order to keep their kids safe.

But sometimes parents can overlook a few things. Especially when it comes to what their children are interested in. This can cause a small rift between parents and their children. This rift won’t always lead to a broken relationship, but it can cause misunderstanding.

But should parents make time to learn about these interests? Even if it is something as odd as anime?

Yes. Yes, they should.

Parents should learn about anime to:

  1. Understand why their children like it.
  2. Know exactly what it is and what it refers to.
  3. Learn about the culture of a different country (Japan) through one of its products.
  4. Teach their children how to be more open to foreign concepts.
  5. Make thoughtful and informed decisions on whether or not their children should interact with it.


With a concept as foreign and misunderstood as anime, parents need to research it. It’s not just a matter of looking up the definition or reading a random, and questionable, blog that might be biased for or against anime. It takes more time and research than that.

Thankfully, parents are not alone in their ventures. From my time as a guardian for three beautiful children and a lifelong anime fan, I have made a way for parents to understand anime without racking their brains or spending days or even months trying to fully understand anime and the community around it.

If you are interested in my findings, you should check out my book Parents’ and Guardians’ Guide to Anime, Manga & CosplayIt contains everything you need to know about anime, along with so much more. It comes out as an ebook on on May 31, 2018. You can pre-order it here.


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