Call to Anime Nerds!

Have you ever had the moment in your life when you just wished that you could explain anime to someone? Especially to your mom or dad?

Well, this book is definitely what you need.


There are a good number of parents and guardians who not only know about anime, but love it as well. These people are usually the ones who have grown up watching shows like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon – or even reruns of Astro Boy. They kept their love and appreciation of anime even as they grew up and had children of their own.

But not all parents grew up with anime. Not all parents even know what anime is. Have you ever heard either of these from parents:

Isn’t anime just some cartoons for children?

Anime is all pornography that should be band from television!

I know just as well as you how ridiculous these statements are. But it can be difficult to explain anime to a parent. Especially if you are a child who doesn’t even know how to talk to your mom or dad.

But there has to be any easy way to describe the awesome weirdness that is anime. There has to be a way to tell parents what cosplay is or why anime is so appealing. A way to show that watching anime and reading manga actually has benefits for children and adults alike. A way to show that anime is not just for children, not just for adults, but for everyone. And a way to tell parents the difference between anime and hentai without freaking them out.

And that’s why I wrote this guide.

The Parents’ and Guardians’ Guide to Anime, Manga & Cosplay! is jam packed with information that all parents and guardians should know. Readers will not only learn about anime, manga and cosplay, but about the fan community, conventions, the industry, the benefits of watching anime, and so much more.

One of the best parts is that the book gets straight to the point. It is half the size of a regular novel and won’t take a huge amount of time to read. This is great for parents and guardians who work long hours.

If you know of a parent or guardian who needs to learn what anime is, you should get this book as a present for them. Even if you don’t know someone who might need this guide, you can always spread the word. Tell as many people as you can through posting, tweeting, or anything else you can think of. If we don’t work as a team to help parents understand the awesome world of anime, then they’ll never know.

The PGG ebook is on Amazon for only $2.99 for a limited time. Even if the parents you have in mind don’t own a Kindle, you can always show them the free Kindle app they can download.

Help me spread the word about PGG and help parents understand why their wonderful children are so weird (in a good way)!


Get the ebook here!

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