Beta Read Avarice, Book Two in the Sin Series

Long time, no talk!

Why have I been gone for so long? Well, one reason is that I realized I don’t do blogs well and I’d rather put that effort into writing stories and books. (Yes, I know that I usually post stories on here as blog posts, but there’s like a different feel to it . . . *shrugs*)

I have been writing a couple of projects, including Avarice, Book Two in the Sin Series. It is, of course, the sequel to Pryde, and happens a almost half a year after the events in the first book. It follows Azana Heimisson, Marc, and Ji Eun (and Quill) through a series of mysteries, lies, and the occasional pixie transformation. I put a lot of emphasis on the Fey culture in this book, building the World of Nectere even further.

If you’d like to be a beta reader and help me get this book ready for publication, please click the picture below:

If you don’t know what a beta reader is and what the reading entails, watch my video over it:

Thank you for helping me grow on my writer journey! Whether you beta read or not, every like, every share, every comment, every bit helps!

E.N. Chaffin

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