Indie Books I Enjoy

Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing well.

I decided to make a list of indie books I enjoyed reading. NOTE: This is NOT a full list. I can always update it in the future. ^_^

“He is beautiful. He is terrifying. He is going to kill her.”

Willow is a vampire hunter with one problem: she’s fascinated by the creatures that murdered her mom. As much as she hates the bloodsuckers, she can’t help but be intrigued by their way of life— a culture unseen to the human eye for centuries. She is determined to train further as a vampire hunter to understand the world and creatures her mom was lost to.

But when her first mission goes terribly wrong, she is captured and nearly killed by a vampire. Rescued by Hanas, the vampire lord neighboring her town, Willow is forced to ally herself with him in order to hunt down her new enemy. But Hanas seems to be hiding something, and Willow wonders if she can actually trust him.

For better or worse, she must learn how to interact with vampires or face the consequences of letting her enemy run rampant.

The revamped edition of an enticing paranormal urban fantasy with all the vampires and none of the romance. Rogue (Vampiric Red, #1) includes thrilling new scenes, characters, and adventures previously unseen! This edition also includes a map of Maine and the vampire provinces drawn by Moriah Jane. Perfect for fans of light gaslamp fantasy, broody male leads, and witty banter.

Find it here.

Find Moriah Jane here.

He can change how he looks—but not who he is.

All his life, Shara has struggled to keep up with the rest of his shapeshifter clan. A poor shifter with little talent and even less confidence, he excels only at inadequacy.

When his determination to prove himself results in the brutal injury of a clanmate, Shara flees his home in shame. Taking refuge in the human capital city, he resolves to become as inconsequential as possible—until the prince regent is abducted days before his coronation and Shara is forced to take his place.

Thrust into a world of controlling advisors, scheming pirates, and calculating dignitaries, Shara fumbles through his royal duties. His next mistake could spell disaster for the entire kingdom, but he may also be the only person capable of seeing beyond old prejudices to the truth of the prince’s disappearance.

But if he’s going to stop a war, find the prince, and return to his life of invisibility, he’ll have to rely on the one person he knows for sure he can’t trust—himself.

Find it here.

Find K.T. Ivanrest here.

The king of darkness will rule both realms in the future–or so the legends say. Prince Moray, heir to the Buacach Throne, practices forbidden black magic. Soon, he will enter forsaken Golgotha and reign over both realms as powerful king. But a coup destroys his plans and he’s cast into Golgotha to die.

Fighting alongside his brother, his betrothed, and a smart mouth mercenary, Moray holds onto hope that he can rule both realms. But when he disobeys Master’s orders to kill his betrothed, Moray must make a choice: save his family or save himself? And can he defeat Master’s plans… and kill a warlock who begins killing his friends one by one?

Find Golgotha here.

Find Angela R. Watts here.

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