Loading Life

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Everyone in Devi Omega has a special ability. Everyone except Hero Leander, the official troublemaker of Class 1B. His life couldn’t get any worse until he is forced to be project partners with Annie Mei Fields. She is not only a straight-A student and the top Charisma-user of the school, but she is determined to make him do his part of the work.

As they hit the books, though, they soon discover that an evil corporation is kidnapping teens in order to cure a deadly disease. Hero thinks the two shouldn’t get involved. That is until his only friend is also taken.

Hero and Annie Mei put their lives on the line in order to save their world. But with gang attacks, drug deals, twisted corporate goons, and a teacher that won’t get off their case, these two unlikely fighters have little time to think about their next step. Can they save the world and still get a passing grade?


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Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

an Anime RPG with a YA twist


Read some short stories and tales from the author that revolve around the Loading Life world.

Little Miss Annie

The Story Behind Loading Life


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