Short Stories for Attention.

So I’ve been running through lists and lists of what I could write for this blog. And to be honest, I couldn’t find anything that would really POP!

Then I came upon a YouTube channel (Vivien Reis) that offered the advice of writing what you know and writing something you can offer that has your own unique voice. One of her suggestions was writing short stories. And that spoke to me.

You see, I have published three ebooks on through their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Program. Unfortunately, due to my inexperience of advertising, and customer’s nervousness of spending any money on an author they did not know – which is understandable – only one of my ebooks sold one copy.

Needless to say, I felt devastated at first. And even though I tried hard to push out four to six short stories a month to publish, I became exhausted from the work. (It certainly doesn’t help that my full-time overnight job, novel writing, and YouTube videos take an incredible amount of time and energy from me.) And so, I stopped writing the short stories by November.

Nevertheless, I feel that my work still needs to be shared.

And to make it more convenient to my present and future audience, I would like to offer my short stories for free on this site.

So spread the word!

Give me feedback!

Help improve my writing by reading fantasy! (Something many of us love to do!)

And thank you for stopping by. I expect to bring you a lot more content in the coming year. And a lot more surprises are just around the corner.


E.N. Chaffin

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