Darling Thief

Darling Thief

She was trapped in a house with a crook. Whatever could she do?



She watched as the man climbed through the window. Her grin grew wider.

It was very smart of the thief to break in during the day. The two-story house was built at the end of a street on the edge of town. There was a good amount of foliage hiding its front and back yards from the neighbors and any passing cars. Most people on this street were gone during the day, off to work or school. He must have been surveying this place for about a week or so to know when her master would be away. But, unfortunately for him, he had never seen her go in or out. He did not know Bellatrix was here.

She had been stuck in the house for about a month now. She had been hiding from the others ever since she stole that precious item from the Mistress. Knowing that wretched woman, she probably already realized where Bellatrix was. But the girl also knew that she would not dare come here – or send anyone else – to get the item back, because she feared the master, Lord Bahram.

A loud thump tore her from her thoughts. She looked down to find the thief had just dropped the DVD player. He stopped for a second, staying completely still. She watched him, wondering if she should jump him now, or wait a little longer.

He unfroze and grabbed the electronic device. She decided to pounce on him now. Gearing up to leap from the banister and land on him, she barely noticed the man turning his attention to the front closet door.

As he placed his hand on the knob, she sprang from her position.

“No! Don’t you idiot!”

Surprised, he twisted around, falling back.

But it was too late.

The closet door sprang open.

A giant green tongue-like tentacle shot out, wrapped itself around the thief, and pulled him inside.

She could hear his blood-curdling scream as the door shut.

Her anger grew. She jumped down from the second floor and raced over to the door. Kicking it with her foot, she shouted, “damn monster! Give me back my prey! He was mine to toy with, not yours!”

There was no answer, though. Just the gurgling noise of the man being swallowed whole.

She screamed in anger, clawing at the door until she was tired.

She screeched insults at the creature as she went to the window to shut it.


A young man came into the house. The storm that was raging outside had soaked him to the core. He took off his suit jacket and hat, placing them on two large hooks. He stepped into a nearby powder room, grabbed a small hand towel, and hurriedly dried his tanned skin and lightly colored hair. He was deftly afraid of catching colds.

The weight from the long day had settled right into his neck and shoulders, twisting each disk and muscle tightly. He ached, and couldn’t stand the thought of trying to sleep with the pain that night. Before going to bed, he absolutely needed to take a pain pill and smooth some of his homemade balm – a thick potion he would make up every so often that consisted of dead plants and frog tongues – over his aching body.

When he realized that there was no annoying game show playing, he placed the towel down and walked into the living room.

“Bellatrix. I’m home.” He walked through the house. Just a moment later, he heard a thump from the kitchen.

He entered, seeing his young student looking irritated at the small counter, gripping the life out of an empty can of soda.

“Something wrong?”

She pouted, “your stupid creature down there stole my prey today!”


“It’s what I said. It stole my prey! There was a stupid thief that came in and I was going to catch him for you. But he just had to be an idiot and go near the door to get eaten!”

He laughed. “I’m sure there will be more prey for you to catch later.”

“But that’s not all of it, Master!”

“Oh?” he grabbed the milk out of the fridge and poured himself a glass. “There’s more?”

“He stole the DVD player, too! And when that thing ate him, it ate it!”

He laughed again. “Really? She must be having a stomach ache by now.”


He looked sternly at her, quieting the girl.


He sat his milk down and walked to the front closet. Knocking on the door, he spoke sweetly, “Darling. Did you have an early dinner today?”

He could hear rumbling.

“You know you shouldn’t eat too much. It upsets your stomach.”

Some rustling.

“Did you eat what he was carrying, sweetie?”

With that, the door opened. He stepped out of the way just in time to avoid a slimy bag being thrown out. It hit Bellatrix, who had followed her master into the room, right in the stomach. She groaned a little. The door closed.

“Thank you!”

He turned to see his student’s face contort with disgust from the repulsive smell. The bag was dripping green puss onto her shirt and hands.

“Gross! She slimed all over it!”

“Check to see if it seeped through the bag. If so, I’ll buy us a new player tomorrow.”

As she reached in the bag, she let out a slew of gagging noises and curses. Seeing her in a fit of rage from being forced to touch his creature’s mucus made him laugh again.

This had turned into a good day after all.


© E.N. Chaffin 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction without author permission is against the copyright laws of the United States of America.

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