Why Plumfund and Not Kickstarter?

You may be wondering why I’ve chosen Plumfund as my crowdfunding platform, instead of the more widely known Kickstarter. Wouldn’t it just be better if I went with Kickstarter – something everyone knows about – rather than a place that barely anyone has ever heard of?

The reasoning is simple.

When looking at the two sites side by side, it seems that the only difference is the crowd that Kickstarter brings in. However, when you look at them on a deeper level, you can see that Kickstarter actually charges the one who sets up the crowdfunding a fee for the total of contributions made. This fee is on top of the PayPal and credit card transaction fees that every crowdfunding website cannot avoid. Plumfund, on the other hand, does NOT charge a fee on top of the transaction fees already in place.

What does that mean for the one who is contributing? It means that more of your contribution goes straight to the crowdfunding you want to support.

For example, you want to give $10 to an author who is working towards debuting her novel Loading: Life later this year. If the author had set up her crowdfunding on Kickstarter, she would not receive 5% of the total of contributions made, plus around 3% of the PayPal or credit card contributions. However, if she had set up her crowdfunding on Plumfund, she would only have to forfeit around 3% of the Paypal or credit card contributions. She is saved an extra 5% because Plumfund does NOT charge their own fees.

To see their fees for yourself, please go to Plumfund and Kickstarter.

So, if you are thinking of starting your own crowdfunding, just think about setting it up on Plumfund.

And if you would like to help me reach my funding goal in order to edit, market, and publish my debut novel, please give here: https://www.plumfund.com/crowdfunding/loadinglife. And please share my crowdfunding with everyone you know!

Thank you!

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