Loading: Life Book Blurb!

What is a book blurb?

To put it simply, a book blurb is a summary that one can find on the back or the inside of the cover. Being such a short passage, it should really simple to write . . . right?

In all honesty, when I started writing my book blurb for Loading: Life, I thought I could just piece information from my story together and that would be it. But no. Once I looked at the product, I was sorely mistaken. I had to enlist my editor’s help. We spent a good portion of a day figuring out and rewriting the blurb. After hours of rewrites and headache-inducing work, we finally developed a product we were both satisfied with.

And so, without further ado, here is the book blurb for you readers:

Everyone has a special ability in Devi Omega. Everyone except Hero Leander, the official troublemaker of Class 1B. But his life gets even worse when he is partnered with Annie May Fields on a history project. Not only is she a straight-A student and the top Charisma charmer of the school, but she is determined to make him do his part of the work.

As they hit the books, though, they soon discover that an evil corporation is kidnapping citizens in order to keep the Center alive. Hero thinks the two shouldn’t get involved. That is until his only friend is also taken. He realizes then that he needs to take a stand and fight.

Hero and Annie May put themselves in the line of fire in order to save their world. But with gang attacks, drug deals, twisted corporate goons, and a teacher that won’t get off their case, these two unlikely fighters have little time to think about their next step. Can they save the world and still get a passing grade?



If you would like to contribute to the development and release of Loading: Life, please support my book funding on Plumfund. And please tell everyone you know! Your fund is worth gold and your word is priceless! Thank you!

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