Picking Locks

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“Stealing magical items has never been so easy!”

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Golden ringlets fell across ruby eyes as the young woman picked the door’s lock.

“Are you almost done?”

“Shut it, Bear. I’m trying to concentrate.”

The young, husky man gritted his teeth, peering down the hall. “I thought you were fast at this.”

“Only when cubs like you don’t bother me.”

She continued her work. One click there. Another here. And –

“Got it!”


The two silently raced into the room, looking through books, behind furniture, anywhere they might find the coveted treasure.

“Damn. Where do you think it could it be, Goldie?” Bear looked over to his partner.

Goldilocks had sprung over to the desk, checking the drawers.

“Ah! One is locked!” A soft chime rang through her words.

“Just hurry.”

“So impatient, you.”

She pulled a tiny pin from her hair as she deciphered what kind of lock it was on the inside. Her ruby eyes flared again. “This won’t take long.”

A second later and the drawer was unlocked. She opened it. They peered inside. But, there was no treasure.

“Come on! Don’t tell me we’re in the wrong room!” Bear huffed.

Goldilocks searched through the piles of paper, finding a car key.

“Huh. Now, why would he leave this in here?”

“Who cares.” His ears perked up at the sound of footsteps from outside the room, “We have to go. Now. They’re closing in on us.”

“With your hearing, they’re probably still halfway across the mansion,” she said, a tiny snort escaping her lips.

Out of curiosity, she pressed the key’s unlock button.

Right behind them, part of the bookshelf popped opened.

“Oh! Secret room!”

“Oh, great.”

Goldilocks opened it the rest of the way, only to pout, “Ah. It’s just a safe in the wall.”

“Would you just open it?! Gah! You and your love for secret rooms!”

She ignored his muttering, morphing the pin she still had in her hand to another tool. This one looked like the end of a stethoscope. She pressed it right under the lock and spun the numbered dial non-stop. Right at its fourth rotation, the safe popped open, just like the bookcase had.

She swung the door out of her way to find the treasure they were looking for – a bronzed mirror. The glass was framed in the branches of a tree. The tree’s trunk made use as the handle, leading down to an apple that had an S etched into it. A beautiful piece of art.

“Bear! It’s here!”

“Good.” He threw her a brown sack, laced with silver threading. “Hurry and put it away. And don’t look into it!”

When he didn’t hear any snide comment or sounds of shuffling stolen goods, he glanced away from the door and towards his partner. Great. She was staring at it.

Bear rushed over, slapping his hand over her eyes.

“Ow!” she squeaked.

He snatched the mirror away. Only then did he move his hand from her face. He looked into her eyes. They once again glowed their regular sapphire, no longer burning red from use of her lock-picking skills. Nothing seemed amiss, though. Except for the slight irritation that shone in them.


“You didn’t have to slap me!”

“Well, you didn’t have to be stupid!”

Footsteps rang through the halls.

“Hear it now?”


Bear snatched the bag back, shoved the mirror in it, and took Goldilocks’ hand.

A moment later and guards appeared. They looked into the room, guns at the ready. They marched in, looking over the shelves, chairs, and finally behind the desk.

Finding nothing disturbed and no one about, they decided to keep surveying the halls. Meanwhile, Bear and Goldilocks hung on the ceiling. After the guards left, Bear released his powers and floated down with his partner and their treasure.

“Let’s get out of here.”


After making sure the guards were nowhere near the study’s door, they snuck to the window they had previously come in, opened it, and fled from the mansion.

Running to their car, which was parked on the other side of two large hills, the two cheered at their bounty.

“See! That wasn’t so hard.”

“Yeah. Until you looked at it.”

“Please! Nothing happened!”

“You sure about that? That woman, the Mistress, did say not to look into it. A curse would befall anyone who did.”

“Oh, come on. If Snow White could look into it and still have a happy ending, then why can’t I?”

“She ended up being poisoned. And just lucky enough her prince came in time.”

“Details. Details.”

“Just be more careful next time. Alright?”

“Alright, Darius.”

“And don’t call me by name while we’re on a hunt!”

“But we got the prize!”

“Yeah! But we’re still transporting it!”


They raced into the night.

But neither one noticed the green tinge starting to appear at the edge of her eyes.


© E.N. Chaffin 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction without author permission is against the copyright laws of the United States of America.


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