1035 $1035. That’s all Tom needed to make extra a month to survive this summer. He hadn’t been sure how he was going to make it until his cousin had told him about this job. But as his moped pulled up to the rundown apartments in the middle of what he assumed was a dump … More 1035

Pryde: Four

Thank you for reading. If you like it, you can get it here. / / The chaotic mess left by the two hunters dissolved around Sadiq, shifting into the top of a staggering mountain. The wind lightly danced around his boots, the fresh snowfall spinning in little twirls against the sun. His back, exposed by … More Pryde: Four

Pryde: Three

Thank you for reading! If you love it, you can get it here. / “Kai, wait!” Lavanya’s words fell flat as the infirmary’s door slammed shut. She groaned. That girl would get an earful later if she thought she could slip away without explaining herself. A chuckle pierced her thoughts. Lavanya crossed her arms, her … More Pryde: Three

Pryde: Two

Thank you for reading. If you love it, get your copy here. / / Kai shut the infirmary’s door, cutting off Lavanya’s nagging, thankful she had severed the mental connection between them. She didn’t have the energy to deal with her guardian. At least not right now. It was only when they were in the … More Pryde: Two

Pryde: One

Thank you for reading. If you love what you read, you can get the ebook here. / / “Did you lace your weapons with the stunning poison?” “For the umpteenth time, yes.” “No need to be rude. I’m just making sure.” Kai rolled her eyes. She stared out of the car window as they flew … More Pryde: One

Pryde: One Before

I hope you like this preview of my new series. If you like what you read, you can buy the ebook on Amazon here. / / The scent from the drops of blood was still strong, even as the midnight storm threatened to wash it away. One of them was injured. Good. Lavanya’s lips curled … More Pryde: One Before

Bad Witch

Bad Witches Have More Fun . . . Sometimes / Azana stared down at the black cauldron-shaped cup, the phrase “Bad Witches Have More Fun” painted in bright orange on the front. It was at this moment that she absolutely despised her boyfriend. Or at least allowing him to stay with her. “So?” She looked … More Bad Witch

The Gallant Tailor

Thread is stronger than you think. / / The tailor placed the last stitch and stood as the clock struck with seven light bings. He cringed. Guess he could still make it to dinner, but it would be tight. “What do you think of this, Mr. Thatcher?” His client, a boorish man with a never-changing … More The Gallant Tailor

Golf Ball Fairy

I never believed in fairies, until I met the Prince of the Fey at mini golf. / / I never believed fairies were real. Not even when I was young. But that didn’t stop me from meeting the Prince of the Fay at the local miniature golf course this summer. “I’m not the Prince. I’m … More Golf Ball Fairy

The Business Man

Terrible things happen to those who walk around at night. / The small businessman backs up, instantly being cornered by the group of thugs that were following him for the last several blocks. He did not see any of the weapons they now brandish out in the open, so he did not think anything of the … More The Business Man