Fast Update (3/11/2018)

Hello, Alligators!

If you’ve been waiting for new Youtube videos and new chapter updates of Finding Wonder – or you just follow me on social media and wonder why I’ve disappeared – I have some good information for you! Or at least information that will hopefully get you to understand why I disappeared off the face of the earth for a little while.

So first, the cause:

I’ve been working with my wonderful beta readers on the first round of reading for The World of Nectere, Book One. I am so thankful to have the betas I do. They are intelligent, engaged in the reading process, and, above all, passionate about getting authors’ projects from point one to published work. I really don’t deserve them.

However, if I were just going through the beta process, I would still be making my regular updates to Youtube and Finding Wonder. So what happened?

A (mini) series of (slightly) unfortunate events.

Work was getting rough and I needed a moment or two to breathe. It wasn’t so bad; just a day or two off from writing. But then, terror struck when I tried to reorganize my closet area in my room. (I don’t have an actual closet, by the way.)

Underneath my things and behind my shoes I found mildew growing on the wall and my stuff! And I couldn’t just leave it. Thankfully I don’t have a child coming into my room and messing around – they could get sick, especially if they touched the mildew. But I do have a little Shi Tzu who loves to explore. I spent around three days thoroughly cleaning the damaged areas. I also reorganized everything and switched around the furniture in my room. I am now mildew free and have a very beautiful room to show off in a future video or two.


And now, the effect:

Because of this cleaning and overloaded work, I just ran out of energy. I had to just take a break from nearly everything I’m working on right now. And, to be honest, I loved it. Taking a breather really helped.

However, this has caused me to lag behind. I owe you two Youtube videos and one chapter of Finding Wonder. I also owe a great reveal of the winners of the Anime Art Contest I had held between January 9th and March 1st.


The solution:

So here’s the fun part!

To get everything caught up (and hopefully stay that way) I am working to get at least two videos out this week. They cover something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. And, in one of them, I will be revealing the winners of the Anime Art Contest. Yay! So if you want to keep updated with that, please visit my Youtube channel and subscribe!

I am also writing up two chapters of Finding Wonder to post next week. So keep a look out for that!


And thank you for supporting me! Whether you follow me on social media, read my blog, or watch my videos, I am super thankful that I have you and others like you cheering me on through your simple actions. Striving to be a successful self-published author is hard – and that’s putting it way too simple. But I know I can achieve my dreams and goals if I follow the Lord and have you cheering me on!

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