Short Stories


Down below is my collection of stories. These are completely free to read. Though, if you like, please share it with others.

They are divided up by the “world” I have written them in.

Please, enjoy!

E.N. Chaffin


World of Nectere

Stories in this world are set in modern times. They are usually in the fantasy genre. Ones that are more horror have a * beside its name.


Bad Witch – Witches have more fun . . . sometimes.

*Basement Thief – When someone steals his Halloween candy, little Timmy tries to find out what happened. But he might not like what he finds.

Darling Thief – She was trapped in a house with a crook. Whatever could she do?

*Dead End Job – This job is killing me. I just want to die!

Gallant Tailor – Thread is stronger than you think.

Nightlight – Don’t turn off the lights. Especially the nightlight.

Picking Locks – Stealing magical objects have never been so easy.

Puddles and Stilettos – You should never run in the rain, especially while wearing three-inch stilettos.

*The Business Man – Terrible things happen to those who walk around at night.

*The Hanging Tree – It was their only salvation.


Heroic Tall Tales

These stories are based in an older world long past. They are fantasy/fairy tale stories.


Mr. Wolf and Little Red – Wolf needs to feed his pups and Little Red is in the woods alone.


Published Works

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Yearly Writing Projects

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