Sin Series

Sin Series Books

Pryde, Book One

Will she be devoured by the shadows?

When her foolish actions lead to her brother’s death, Kai vows to become a great hunter to restore her honor. But her beloved guardian, Lavanya, pushes her dreams to the side, claiming it is too dangerous for her. The cursed binding mark on Kai’s wrist might break.

In order to prove herself, Kai sneaks on one of Lavanya’s missions. She saves Lavanya from a bloodthirsty vampire, but at a cost. The vampire she attacks is none other than Sadiq, one of the most cunning and cruelest vampires imaginable.

Kai and Lavanya now have to defend themselves as Sadiq hunts them down. However, there’s something Lavanya isn’t telling Kai about Sadiq.

Kai isn’t telling the whole truth, either, and her binding mark is cracking. The beast inside is breaking loose.

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