First Look at Loading: Life

If you’ve been waiting for a sneak peak at my debut novel Loading: Life, then wait no more! I’m am posting the first chapter right here on the Blog!

If you enjoy it, please consider contributing to my book fund on right here! As I mentioned in a previous post, this funding will go into the setup and release of Loading: Life. I appreciate all those who contribute. ^_^

And now for your reading pleasure!



Chapter 1: Character Select

Hero ran down the back alleys from the punks that were trying to beat in the face in with baseball bats and old fence posts. He knew that going to school was always a bad idea. But apparently, today was going to be even worse.

“Come back here you piece of shit!”

He desperately swerved through the backstreets, looking for a way to get out of danger. One wrong turn sent him down a dead end. But he was ready to jump the fence blocking his way as the yells got closer. He moved his satchel to the side, ran up to the fence, climbed and jumped over. Smooth.

“Come and get me if you can, idiots!” Hero grinned, eyes on the fence as he kept running. “You’re all a bunch of mor-“

His stomach caved in as it came in contact with what felt like a rock. As he fell to the ground, Hero could see Sadiq glare at him, the guy’s fist blackened over with ore.

Hero tried to get back on his feet, but Sadiq’s boot struck his chest and pushed him back down.

“Hero. I thought you were going to get me my items.”

“Oh. Hi. Sadiq.”

“Where are my items, boy?”

“Ya know. We are just a few years apart.” Hero didn’t move, fear crept in. “No need to call me boy.”

Sadiq’s health bar popped up above his head at the same time Hero felt his own become visible.

“W-wait. There’s no need to go this far. Right? I have your items right here.” He nodded towards his satchel. “Let me get them for you.”

Sadiq let up on Hero’s chest, but his health bar was still visible. Hero slowly stood up, stumbling a bit. Keeping his eyes on Sadiq, whose own eyes were shifting between Hero’s face and satchel. He started to rummage through his bag, making sure to not flip open the top. He waited for an opening, slightly inching away as slowly as he could.

Sadiq looked at his face. Then the satchel.







Hero spun around, running as fast as his feet would take him. Sadiq yelled.

Another hit to Hero’s stomach. This time from a larger man, who grabbed him before he could fall.

Sadiq ran up, accompanied by his other lackeys.

Hero grinned. “Oh come on guys. Can’t take a joke.”

This time Sadiq’s power bar sprung up. Before Hero could notice the twinge of his own bar, he was barraged by two powerful fists. Blood spurted from his mouth. He could feel his energy and health depleting. He heard whooping and hollering from Sadiq’s men. Hero knew he was going to die.

Damn. So much for getting away seamlessly.

But then it stopped.

He looked up, seeing the men run away. The large man who held him suddenly let go. He dropped to the ground, curling up.

When the noises of the gang faded, Hero heard one set of footsteps thump towards him. He prayed it wasn’t a cop. Prayed it wasn’t an even bigger thug. And prayed it wasn’t-

“And what the hell do you think you’re doing out here, boy?”

-his teacher.



© E.N. Chaffin 2017. Any reproduction without author permission is against copyright laws under the United States of America.

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