Golf Ball Fairy

I never believed in fairies, until I met the Prince of the Fey at mini golf.



I had never believed fairies were real. Not even when I was young.

But that didn’t stop me from meeting the Prince of the Fay at the local miniature golf course last summer.

“I’m not the Prince. I’m a prince.”

“What? But I thought you said–”

“There are different courts in the Fey. I’m part of just one.”

“Oh.” I took another lick of my strawberry ice cream.

“Is it confusing?” He smiled at me, pointed ears twitching.

Chills went down my spine.

“No. Just . . . something new.”

He chuckled.

There was silence between us as he gathered colorful golf balls, abandoned put-put clubs, and the occasional candy bar wrapper. I watched as he gripped a couple of the clubs, the metal in contact with his skin. We swung by the rental building. He put up the objects and threw out the trash. I caught a glimpse of his hands. They were as perfect as ever.

“What is it?”

I jumped, the guilt of being caught smacking me in the face.

He chuckled, “You are a weird one.”

“No. I was just . . .”


We set off again, roaming the courses as kids ran around, their parents chasing them.

“How come you don’t burn when you touch iron? Isn’t that a thing with fairies?”

He chuckled again, the sound of bells in my ears. “You’re very straightforward, aren’t you?”

I looked away, embarrassed.

“We do get burned when we touch iron. Even to the point, our flesh can melt off.”

The thought of melting flesh, especially magical flesh, turned my stomach. I threw away the last bit of my ice cream in a nearby trash can.

“But why touch those put-puts?”

“I can because of this–” he gestured to the marble hanging on a string around his neck.

“So, marbles are able to save you?”

Another chuckle. “No. It’s enchanted right now. So no one will expect it. Just looks like a cruddy arts and crafts project in this form.”

“Just as a hipster like you would have.”


“So if it’s under an enchantment, then what does it look like?”

“You really want to know?”

His grin widened like a barracuda’s. It unnerved me.

I didn’t believe his story of being a part of the Faye when he had shown me his ears. Just another cosplayer, I thought.

But it was only when he revealed his powers to me on the sidewalk that I became convinced. Those wildflowers by my house would always remind me that he was something different.

I shook my head. “I don’t think–”

“Come on!” He grabbed my wrist and started for the back of the golf course.


“Don’t worry! I’m not going to do anything!”

We headed out the employee’s entrance and through the small parking lot. Once we hit the border of trees, he started running, forcing me to keep up with him.

The amazement that I wasn’t falling over every broken limb and raised root wore off as we came to a halt in a small opening. My lungs heaved as I tried to take in my surroundings. I looked up at him, annoyed that he wasn’t even breathing hard.

Why didn’t he have to catch his breath from that marathon?!

His smile was more serene, though, as he cupped his marble in his hands. “I’ll show you something not many humans get to see.”

A bright green light flashed from his hands, blinding me completely. An instant later it was gone. In place of the marble and cord, hung an intricate silver necklace, with loops and swirls decorated by tiny silver jewels that led down to a huge emerald shard.

I could not look away.

“This is what you humans used to call a philosopher’s stone. In reality, it’s a piece of the Eye of the Fey.”

“E-eye of the Fey?”

“Yes. When all pieces are gathered, it can create a perfect talisman. What it’s capable of is unknown, though, since it hasn’t been together for thousands of years. But to make sure it never is, the different courts hold different pieces. I hold what I like to call the Piece of Tuiscint.”

“W-what?” I shook my head, trying my best to not stare at it.

He kissed it, returning it back to a marble.

“If you stare at it for too long, I suppose you’d become my slave.”

“You’re what?!”

He waved me off. “Not that I’d ever do that. At least not on purpose.”

He laughed.

And I questioned why I even hung out with him.

“Let’s just get back before you get in trouble–”

He pushed me to the ground.


He was motionless. I followed his stare to a nearby tree. A steel arrow was embedded into a tree, slowly melting its trunk away.

“What in the . . .”

I stumbled up just before the Prince grabbed my wrist and started running back to the golf course.

“Hey! Wait!”

“No time!”

Trees blurred past.

Leaves smacked me in the face.

He was tearing my arm off.

I tripped over rocks.

A buzzing sound grew behind us.

I tried to look behind but stumbled into a hole.

I fell forward.

He spun around, grabbing me into his arms.

We hit the ground with a thud.


My head whipped around.

A bug-like creature hissed at us. Drool dripped down sharp fangs, hitting the ground with a sizzle. A sleek, black armor shot forward.

“Now it’s mine–”

I screamed as green goo fell on my hand and burnt my skin.

The creature was thrown to the side, falling to the ground before slowly melting away.


My head whipped back around to see a tall figure. Armor, which looked like hardened leaves molded together, shimmered in the sun.

“What . . .”

She offered a silver hand. I took it without thinking.

She pulled me up. The prince sprang to his feet.

“Good job.”

“Sir Ren,” she said, her voice sharp. “What have I told you about showing the Tuiscint in the human world?”

“Hmm. . .” He tapped his chin lightly. “Not to?”

“Exactly. If your father heard about this, he would–”

“He would flip. I know. I know. But I had nothing to worry about.”

“That hunter would have stolen it if I wasn’t here.”

“You see.” He grinned. “You always keep me safe.”

She sighed. “You should have stayed at home.”

“Uh . . . E-excuse me?” I looked from the prince to the woman and back again. “Wh-what just happened?”

He chuckled. “Just an attack.”

The woman stared at me, sapphire eyes piercing through me.

I inched away.

She shook her head before disappearing into the trees.

“Uh . . .”

The prince’s arms wrapped around my shoulders. “I’m so glad you were finally able to meet my bodyguard! She never comes out unless it’s to scold me.”

I just blinked, turning back to the golf course.

I walked away, the prince following right behind me.

“Hey wait! Don’t you want to know about her?”

I slowly shook my head, trying to ignore the headache that was forming.


They’re just too weird for me.


© E.N. Chaffin 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction without author permission is against the copyright laws of the United States of America.


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