After AFEST Update


Hello Everyone!

I know I have been gone from my website and blog for a while now. But, don’t lose heart! I am returning soon with new and updated content just for you!

Back at the beginning of July, I was invited to an anime convention called Anime Fest, or AFest, for short. It’s a decent sized convention in Dallas, TX. I got an artist table and had some panels to look forward to. However, I only had two of my books to sell. I knew I needed something more. So for the entire month of July and the first half of August, I worked hard to design and create a slew of buttons and bookmarks. And I succeeded! However, that meant that I was not able to do much online. Especially here.

Now that the convention is over – a bittersweet feeling – I am able to get back on task with my current book project and this site.

And what does that mean for you all?

If you are signed up for my mailing list, that means you’ll get a first look at my next book project, The World of Nectere.

And if you follow this blog, you’ll be seeing updates on the 2018 Writing Project, Finding Wonder, along with some new content that centers around The World of Nectere and my (nerdy) bookish life.

I am also trying to do some rennovation for my youtube channel. I want to do more vlogs and other videos that are productive for the writing nerd.

I hope y’all continue with me on my journey as I attempt to shake the YA world for the weirder! ^_^

So I’ll talk to y’all later, alligators!

Bye, bye!

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