Don’t turn off the lights. Especially the nightlight. / It always happens when the lights go out. The little boy in the bed can’t help but be afraid of what lurks in the dark. Even at his young age, he knows there are monsters, evil spirits, and even demons that would take any chance they … More Nightlight

The Business Man

Terrible things happen to those who walk around at night. / The small businessman backs up, instantly being cornered by the group of thugs that were following him for the last several blocks. He did not see any of the weapons they now brandish out in the open, so he did not think anything of the … More The Business Man

Picking Locks

“Stealing magical items has never been so easy!” This has been featured on David Snape and Friends. Please visit his site at (Please visit my Facebook and give me some feedback on what you think of this story. Thank you!) / / Golden ringlets fell across ruby eyes as the young woman picked the door’s … More Picking Locks

Dead End Job

“This job is killing me. I just want to die right now!” (This is one of my earlier short stories. And before you ask: yes, I am a fan of Z Nation. . . But not really the Walking Dead. Sorry. ^_^) / I worked at a retail supermarket in the middle of a town, … More Dead End Job

Darling Thief

She was trapped in a house with a crook. Whatever could she do? / / She watched as the man climbed through the window. Her grin grew wider. It was very smart of the thief to break in during the day. The two-story house was built at the end of a street on the edge … More Darling Thief

Basement Thief

When someone steals his Halloween candy, little Timmy tries to find out what happened. But he might not like what he finds. / / His candy was gone again. He gritted his teeth and slammed the top back on his special treasure box. “Mom! Dad! Billy stole my candy!” He rushed down the stairs to … More Basement Thief