Yearly Writing Projects

Yearly Writing Projects

Dear Readers,

As a way to help me give you more stories to read, as well as exercise my skills, I am determined to do yearly writing projects. These will be short-but-not-too-short stories, which aren’t necessarily novels. They will be based on some of the ideas I’ve had for a while that I may not be able to get to do right at this moment as full-length stories. I hope you all enjoy them.

E.N. Chaffin


YWP 2018 – Finding Wonder


Emma only had two choices. Summer camp or spending time with her mother. She chose the latter but is seriously regretting it. Especially since she’s now stuck in a topsy-turvy world where everyone is as mad as a hatter.


Chapter One, in which Emma is dragged into a broken home.

Chapter Two, in which Emma has a nighttime visitor.

Chapter Three, in which Emma takes a stroll and her trust is broken.

Chapter Four, in which Emma leaves home.

Chapter Five, in which Emma runs into trouble.

Chapter Six, in which Emma is saved.

Chapter Seven, in which Emma watches a stool fight.

Chapter Eight, in which Emma prepares for a journey.

Chapter Nine, in which Emma meets the Shimshake.

Why I stopped writing Finding Wonder.


YWP 2019 – Shirphrah’s Pearl

Shiphrah's Pearl square

Shiphrah can’t stand to be on a cruise ship with her family much less than her stomach can stand sea sickness. After being tossed into the waves, though, she’ll have to fight for life and freedom, or everything will be doomed.

Part One